Friday, November 2, 2012

Sand Storm

Several events recently took place in the last couple of days. Halloween for us westerners, Eid Mubarak, an Islamic holiday, a sand storm in Abu Dhabi, and several broken hearts in the desert.  Halloween was spent at one of my fellow teachers villa stuffing our faces with candy, chips, alcohol and scary movies.

 For our Eid Mubarak weekend we spent two Days in Dubai exploring a city that's so close but hard to get to when you live in the Western region of Abu Dhabi-that means rural, construction zones and being covered from wrist to ankles.
 Dubai was  amazing and  a small taste of the city life I left behind in NYC.  We explored, took pictures and shopped the many palace like malls.
That of course ended too quick and here I am back in the middle of the sand dunes.  That short 4 day weekend away was followed up by a sandstorm that seemed to wash away everything in it's path including peoples relationships.  A sandstorm is an experience like no other.  It looks like just how they show it in the movies.  In fact all I thought about was Tom Cruise as the sand blinded me on the drive home.  Skys are clear one minute and from the distance, what looks like dark rain clouds are really rolling sand particles in the sky. Next thing you know you're engulfed in sand and wind that forms a fog around you. 

As sand and wind pound you can't see two feet in front of you and sand begins to invade your eyes, your mouth, your nose.  It's sneaky and it attacks all the vulnerable, sensitive parts of your body; just like a relationship.  Even though due to technology you can predict a sandstorm is coming you're never ready for it especially when you're in it.  The same goes for relationships.  You can prepare for it, brace your self, see the warning signs but it still hits you with a sense of surprise.  Whether it's the start of a relationship or the ending of one, it's a storm of emotions.  In this case, it's the ending of many relationships here in the desert.  Several fellow teachers are suffering from broken hearts.  Relationships have ended and like I am, many are wiping the dust in their eyes, clearing their chest,  and mending their hearts of what just crept in as little particles in the air that are powerful enough to stop you in your tracks.  Tears form to clear the eyes, hacking coughs to get the sand out of your chest and your heart beats faster as you gasp for air. Yes, a sand storm in the desert and a sandstorm of the heart are equally damaging.

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