Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama Victory Overseas!

Words can't express the relief and the joy that comes all the way from the desert! We drove to work this morning with an iPhone plugged into our car speakers listening to the election poll coverage.  With us being thousands of miles away and the time difference we were determined to be as present as possible in the elections.  We talked,we debated, and all hopped that Obama would take the lead.  By the time we arrived to work Obama had taken the lead on Romney with 157 to 153 in  electoral votes.  Wow!  This was as never reckoning as when he first was running for office!
We headed to work with our fingers crossed and a prayer in our hearts.   During the work day kept track.
 At my school, my Emirati co teacher; as posed as she can be, re wrapped her falling black beaded shaylah around her head as she sat on the rug enjoying lunch.  They're always on their cell phones here in the desert and she said to me from across the room "Miss, do you know about the elections"?  I said "Yes, I can't wait to hear what happens"!  "Yes" she said, "I see on my phone that it is very close. You should get a black berry so you can see, it is very nice".   Well at least I knew it wasn't over yet so I head back to my class.
While I was teaching one of my western coworkers came to my classroom and swung the door open with a great force and shouted "He won"!!  I immediately knew.  I shouted out of excitement and we gave each other high fives and jumped and screamed ! All the children were laughing and excited as well even though they had no idea what was going on!
What a day of nerves, excitement and victory!  All the Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian teachers were so happy!  People at the grocery store knew  of Obama and shared our joy!  From all the way in Abu Dhabi I can celebrate my country in this monumental moment!  As the sun sets over the sand dunes in the Middle East, the sun rise  in America! So to those Republicans that say they're ready for change, I say you got it! Change is and always is present and in the moment.  And change is Obama!!!!!!  Now time for drinks and to watch the victory speech that we missed last night with my teacher friends!!!!   Cheers!

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